Honored coaches of Moldova


Igor Untila - head coach of the national team.

Higher education in the field of sports.

For four years he worked as a director of the Hincesti district sports school.

Since 2014 he is a member of the European Commission of EUBC coaches.

In 2017, he worked as head coach of the Spanish youth team.

In 2018 he was awarded the medal "For civil merit".

As a coach, he won with his students 8 medals at the European Championships among cadets, juniors, youth, U 22.

He prepared a number of national and international champions of different age categories.

From 2014 to 2019 was the coach of the youth team and the U 22 team.

Married, has three children.

Speaks four languages.


Petru Caduchonored coach of Moldova (download file)


Eugen Belii - tenfold champion of Chisinau, Champion of Moldova in 1951. He trained over 20 winners of All-Union tournaments. Since 1951 he works as a coach (download file)


Andrei Gusan - one of the famous Moldovan boxers, master of sports, multiple champion of the republic, holder of numerous awards in competitions of the highest rank (download file)


Dovgopol Anatolii (Tiraspol)


Certicovtev Maxim (Tiraspol)


Simac Veaceslav (Balti)


Iachimov Iurii (Balti)


Peata Vasile (Chisinau)


Teberneac Petru (Grimancauti)


Bugneac Gheorghe (Chisinau) - born on April 16, 1952. He started practicing boxing when he was 16 years old. Achievements: winner of the Junior Championship  (1972), champion of Moldova (1973, 63kg), winner of the All-Union “A. Kovpaka” tournament (Ivano-Francovsc-73), champion of Odessa WC (1973, 74), bronze medalist within the IT "Friendship", Plovdiv city (1975). In 1978 begins activating as a coach and in 1987 graduates from the Pedagogical Institute of Chisinau. Is given the Honored Coach of Moldova title (2000).

Among his disciples are several outstanding athletes:

- Octavian Tacu - International Master of Sports, participant within the OG (Atlanta-96), silver medalist at the European Cup (Lvov-99), winner of the IT (Belgrad-03), 7 times champion of Moldova, Head of Department (Free International University of Moldova).

- Ion Soltoianu - International Master of Sports, Champion of the USSR (1990), Champion of Russia in hand-to-hand fighting (1991-1992), European champion in Pankration (1996), World Cup medalist in kickboxing (2001), bronze winner within the World Championship at unifight (Samara-01).

- Ivan Gonta – International Master of Sports, winner of the Balkaniad (1998), silver winner at the European Cup (Lvov-99), since 1999 practices professional boxing - Champion of Eurasia (2001), CIS (2004, 06, 07), Eastern Europe (2007).


Vladimir Poddubnii (Tiraspol) – born on February 16, 1943 in Krasnodar. In 1960, in Sevastopol, he started practicing boxing.  Since 1965 he is trained, in Tiraspol, by R. Sustov. In 1966, he became Master of Sports of the USSR, bronze medalist within the AUCCTU Championship (1969). In 1972 graduates from the Chisinau State University and begins to work as a coach. Between the years 1979-83 prepares the Moldovan boxers for the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR. Honored Coach of Moldova (1999), international category referee AIBA (Tiraspol).

Among his disciples are:

- I. Omelianov – winner of the USSR Championship (1979) 
- S. Conisev– bronze winner within the Youth Games (Minsk-83), 
- known trainers, experts in sports V. Ghetmanciuc and I. Dercacenco 
- 4-time champion of Moldova, Master of Sports, E. Cernovol


Leonid Tomsa (Chisinau) – born on March 10, 1951, Master of Sports of the USSR, 6 times champion of MSSR, 4 times winner of the All-Union „B-Glavan” Tournament from Balti (coach – P. Luscevschii), member of the Voluntary Sports Society "Dinamo" team (1971-74). Winner of bronze at the All-Union Spartakiad of the “Labor Reserves” Voluntary Sports Society (1972), in the same year starts working as a coach, coach of the All-Union Voluntary Sports Society "Labor Reserves" (1979-93), and in 1995 becomes Honored Coach of Moldova.

Among his disciples are:

- V. Raghevici – champion and winner within USSR Championships (1979-81), 
- V. Spaga – bronze winner in the USSR Championship (1981), 
- A. Duracov – bronze winner in the USSR Championship (1986), 
- I. Cernei – laureate of USSR Championships (1987,88) and Europe Championship (1988), 
- A. Izman - bronze winner in the USSR Championship (1988), 
- I. Gaivan – International Master of Sports, bronze winner in the Europe Championship (Perm-02), 5 times champion of Moldova.


Luscevschii Pavel (Chisinau)


Tisari Grigore (Balti)


Petuhov Boris (Balti) - (1934-95) – Master of Sports, Honored Coach of Moldova, international category referee, Balti boxing organizer, starting with 1969 – director of the Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve. As a coach, he trained several masters of the ring, such as – Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored Coach, Grigore Tisari (currently lives in the town of Odessa), Master of Sports of the USSR, V. Ghesele, bronze winner at the USSR Championship (Leningrad-67) and S. Filimonov. He activated as a referee within the VII-IX Spartakiades of Peoples of USSR, as well as in XX and XXII Olympic Games, author of the books "К спортивной зрелости" and "Город зажигает огни".


Taranenco Vladimir


Scripnic Alexandru (Chisinau) – Honored Coach of Moldova and Ukraine. He graduated from the Technical University of Physical Education from Voroshilovgrad, for 6 years he trained the National Team of the USSR. Among his disciples are International Maters of Sports: СIurii Bogdanov and the champion of the URSS (1981) Serghei Micinic, winner of the bronze medal within the USSR Cup (1986) Serghei Screabin and the Champion of Moldova(2000) Alexandru Petrovschii. A. Scripnic lives in the city of Poltava since 2001.


Timofei Scriabin is one of the best of his disciples. In 1985 he moves from Balti (coach V. Ghesele) to Chisinau, where he is trained by A. Scripnic, wins the bronze medal in the Seoul OG (1988), becomes champion of the USSR (1989, 90) and vice-champion of Europe (1989), CIS champion (1993) and winner of the Goodwill Games (1994).


Boris Ghitman - trained Moldova boxing team for over 10 years, prepared several talented athletes: Dumitru Cozlov, Veaceslav Poslovschii, Boris Mazur and Leonid Roitman. He did a lot for the Russian boxing as well, especially when he lived in Magadan (1968-76). Boris Ghitman is a Honored Coach of Russia, Master of Sports of the USSR, first director of the Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve from Magadan. Due to the fact that he developed and applied new instructive and educational methods, he obtained exceptional results - prepared masters in just 2-3 years. Precisely for this reason, Valerii Udovic, only after 2 years of training, won the USSR Championship.

Among his disciples are – the USSR champion (1978) Igor Vosotchii, who twice (1973, 76) knocked out three-fold Olympic Champion, Teofil Stivenson (1975, 79, 81) and double Olympic medalist (1976, 80) Victor Ribacov. He coached the national squad of Jamaica for the OG in 1984, the Korean squad for the OG in 1988, where the Korean boxer Pak Shi Han (71 kg) became Olympic champion, beating Roy Jones in the final fight.


Boris Ghitman, since 1976, resides in Toronto, where he founded an European school of boxing, trains young athletes and is one of Canada's team tutors. Within the Canadian Championship, which took place in Vancouver suburban area, Richmond, November, 2007, the European boxing school pupil, Tamerlan Culiev, won the silver medal. His mentors - Master of Sports of the USSR, Efim Gorjeliton, and the Honored Coach, Boris Ghitman, do not hide their excitement: in two and a half years they managed to prepare a wonderful fighter, for the first time the Canadian team included a representative of the Russian-speaking community.